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=w= [27 Feb 2002|04:57pm]


go listen to some maladroit action yall. word to your mom.
5 * tears | *hold my hand & cry with me*

lucky to be alive [21 Feb 2002|01:39pm]

this journal will return. oh yes. 100% more emo. and references to the Lords Of Orange County too. Im gonna go saturate my eyes with visine to get some inspiration. later kids.
*hold my hand & cry with me*

Wow, This is Neato... [17 Feb 2002|06:27pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

I'm New...

I like the stars...

I like emo, punk, hxc, and sxe boys.

I also like all that kind of music...

16*GRL*MD *Feel free to add me as a friend, i'll do the same to you*

*hold my hand & cry with me*

[25 Dec 2001|08:49pm]
[ mood | very emosad! :o( ]

sigh! no boyfriend for me this year. i'm so emo right now, i'm gonna cry.......

*hold my hand & cry with me*

[04 Dec 2001|02:04pm]
[ mood | very emo :( ]

when is he going to come on and talk to me? when will he come over the ocean and be with me? life is funny sometimes.

instead, i'll just write more in my journal and pine for him more............

*hold my hand & cry with me*

[01 Dec 2001|02:15pm]
[ mood | very emo ]

oh woe is me. i haven't heard from my overseas friend in weeks so i am sad, i've been listening to dashboard confessional all day. i will put on "valentine" because it's our song and just pine for him all day.........

3 * tears | *hold my hand & cry with me*

[26 Nov 2001|12:31pm]
[ mood | emotastic ]

so i was talking with the gang at the coffeehouse after listening to some dashboard and i asked this question:

if you had the chance to have sex w/ Rivers would you go for it?

i mean, who would do it? i said i would but only if he got out of his hermit stages and was all super-cute with the glasses and the shyness.....oh rad.

we all agreed we wanted to....you know.....if we had the chance, but eh, only in dreams..........

*hold my hand & cry with me*

Sparkly stars. [24 Nov 2001|09:42pm]

Oh man? Do i get to join this community? Oh I hope I'm emo enough!

But anyways, today i was shopping at the thrift store and this REALLY cute emo boy was shopping in the same aisle as me! OMG! I wanted to talk to him! But I was SOOO scared! But then he saw my Dashboard Confessional pin on my sweater and he started talking to me! OMGOMGOMGOMG! He was SOOOOOOOOO cute!! He was wearing brown old man pants, a tight izod polo shirt and the most adorable nerd glasses. His name was ERIC!! I <3 that name!!!!
But we were like talking for 20 minutes at least!

I forgot to get his number though :*( :*( :*(

When i was done shopping (i got the CUTEST little t-shirt! it says "I need a hug" with a little bear on it!!!) But when I was done shopping, I went home and I put on Dashboard Confessional and I've been crying for hours. That was mine and Eric's band! He's the love of my life and I'll never forget him! :( :( :(
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oohhh my gaawwd! [24 Nov 2001|09:00pm]
Okay, so like when i went to meet kurt and jesse at the coffee shop, kurt did not come because he was too emo today to come because he cant get over da fact that i wasn't over tony. he read my lj post on here today and he called me and cried and cried and he wrote me a really nice song he played on his guitar. but anyway, it was just me and jesse. we decided to get some coffee before we went to the show which started at seven.

i met jesse at 5 o'clock. jesse is soo hot! oh my gawd. i told him this and he totally fell for me. none of us knows how to drive so we had to take the trolley down to the show. on our way to the show jesse and me had a very deep conversation about my poetry. he said he liked poems that are simple and rhymed and he said i was a good poet. i said thank you and gave him a hand job on the trolley. he was wearing skinny thrift store jeans. he doesn't wear baggy pants because he's emo. but lucky he had his brown cardigan with him. he put it over his lap and i put my hand under and i gave him a hand job. he's so hot.

after that we made out until the trolley stopped at the Lewis square which was where to show was held at. crying for a girl was the first ones to be on. i did not want to see hot date, missing joanne, or mousey pants because i think they are too not emo for me though everyone else seems to think they are emo, but i don't. i really like crying for a girl. i don't want to see hot date because tony's cousin is in that band and i totally made out with him at this one show 2 months ago and he never got over me. tony's cousin is named joe. joe is totally hot. joe looks like that emo guy in the movie the princess diaries. i love that movie even if it is for little kids.

crying for a girl was awesome. jesse cried because he thought of melissa who is living in san francisco now because she is not emo anymore. melissa is tired of crying and whining all the time so she broke up with jesse and now does not shave her legs and she has a dog and lives in north beach. which i heard is where smart people live. but i don't think melissa is that smart because she is not emo anymore. when i saw her last week at her brother's house she was talking about these russian authors. i think one was named dostovesky. what a stupid name. i hate russians because they are not emo. people who are not emo are stupid.

oh, the show was awesome! jesse and i hung out with crying like a girl afterwards because they went to denny's after their set because they did not like the rest of the bands. we met crying like a girl because i totally stared at the lead singer and he started crying and hugged me. we were there for an hour.

we went to denny's at eight o clock. the lead singer is named shailo. he's totally hot. i played footsies with him under the table while jesse felt me up. shailo gave me his number and then i made out with the rest of the band because they said they were sad and needed a girlfriend. so i think i'm going out with all 5 members of the band crying for a girl including shailo since i gave him my number.

jesse cried and cried because he felt like my pimp because i made out with all of the guys in the band. i said no he wasn't and she should cry. so we went to his house and made out. his mom doesn't like me because she thinks i'm a ho. i don't think so. i like emo people and i think we should show each other love. i hate non-emo people. they are prejudge towards us.

jesse and me ate tacos and watched the goonies. and now i'm on his computer typing this up while jesse is watching the goonies.

i changed my clothes and wore my old black framed nerd glasses with duck tape in the middle and i wore my all stars in red with white laces with blue and black stars on them, and i wore a blue gas station worker's shirt tied it to show my tummy and i wore a plaid blue, black and red short school girls skirt with knee high black socks, and my hair was pretty up done in pony tails and little curly ribbons that you put on gifts. i think i looked cute.
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[24 Nov 2001|03:22pm]
okay, so like i went to hot topic today to get myself new black framed nerd glasses, but they ran out! some fake gothic chick grabbed the last one! i went to the clerk who was punk, and i asked him if he had anymore in the back. he said that they did not have anymore nerd glasses because of all the whiney little emo kids who come in looking like me buying them all the time. he said he was being sarcastic, but after i left the store i heard him laugh really loud with his coworker saying, "yeah, that's the emo girl. i scared the piss out of her. the one in the blue sweater vest and black dickies."

i ran to the bathroom and cried. i hate it when people make fun of me just because i look like rachael from the real world 10. they say that i wannabe her, but i sound like someone from the valley. like, i don't know what they mean. i told them i am myself and that they can eat cactus cakes and i hope they choke on a pine needle.

after i got out of the bathroom stall with snot all over my ralph lauren cashmere sweater vest that is supposed to look like i got it at the thrift store, but i did not because it cost me 100 dollars. i like the way thrift store clothes look, but i buy the designer thrift store looking clothes from saks fifth avenue because i do not like thrift stores unless i'm looking for a black velvet skirt or some used converses.

i went to get my hair cut like ashton kutcher from that seventies show at the salon in the mall. the hair dresser said i looked cute for a girl with a boy's haircut.

i'm going to meet jesse and kurt at java joe's today because we are going to see a new local emo band called crying for a girl. i think they rock and i'm in love with them because i already heard one song. the lead singer is hot! i love hot lead singers. i think i want to lose my virginity to the lead singer of kurt's band, desert dreams. his name is jack. he looks like that really hot emo guy in the princess diaries but sort of like chris from dashboard confessional without the tattoos. he's sooo hot. too bad i alredy made out with kurt because now i think we are boyfriend and girlfriend. i don't want a boyfriend because tony dumped me a month ago and i'm sad. i'm sad and i want to lay in bed listening to dashboard confessional all day crying.
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"I want you back!!!!!" [24 Nov 2001|03:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]

what is life all about?
i hate it so much i want to scream and shout
you left me bleeding lifeless on the floor
i can't seem to imagine life without you anymore
bonnie and clyde had a love that was true
i want you so much, you left me blue
i cry in the dark with a sadness that's sincere
i want you back, my dearest of dear
i will do anything for you to stay
you're in my mind, never going away
the desert holds sand that's left in time
i once again wish you were mine

by gina the mophead

*hold my hand & cry with me*

~*~ one night doesnt mean the rest of my life ~*~ [24 Nov 2001|02:43pm]

[ mood | emo ]

omg! i *luv* new found glory sooo much. i saw their video on m2 2day!!!!11 they r sooo hott!!!

i'm kinda emo 2day, i have pms. i hope my b/f calls meeh tho!!!11!! i miss him!!!!11 i want my mom to get home so she can take me 2 the mall and i can buy some new chuckz since my old ones r soooo worn out now. i mean i've had them for a whole month already, they r totally gross now.

my thanksgiving was so aweful........... i wuz over @ my gramma's house & like they didn't make NE vegaterien food 4 me!!11! so instead of eating i sat and i watched mtv in the den and re-laced my vans. my new vans r sooooo kyoot!!!1 they r pink w/ blue on the sidez and the lacez r purple. bobby sez he loves them & he thinks i look soooo sexxee in them!!!11

i'm going to go read this book i got from my friend on LJ, she sez it is relly good. it iz called "the perkz of being a wall flower". it's kinda long tho, i don't kno if i can make it thru the whole bk.

2 * tears | *hold my hand & cry with me*

oh i am so going to cry.... [24 Nov 2001|08:52am]
[ mood | emo ]

as i sit here this saturday morning, i'm tired from my chat with my one true love across the sea. he said that he dreamed about me last night and that we were dancing to "only in dreams" oh this made me sad, so i wrote five new songs about him. oh mi god!

i went to the park and i accidentally stepped in a puddle of water ruining my chucks. oh gosh! i guess i should go and get a new pair soon. they don't smell that good.....

i went trying to search for some obscure emo bands at the local record store yesterday, but no such avail. golly, all they had were the albums only college kids would like.

i wanted to go to the juliana theory concert, but i spent the last of the cash i had getting supplies to put together a collage of mementos my friend sent me. oh i wish he was here.

well journal, i am gonna go and listen to sunny day real estate. i wish the new stuff was as good as "diary" bye!

*hold my hand & cry with me*

He broke my heart...boo hoo :'( [24 Nov 2001|12:26am]
[ mood | blank ]

I walked down a velvet road of dreams
My eyes found nothing but sugar and cream
i like my coffee black
but i don't want you back
because you will hurt me so
but i can't let go
you are wearing me down
i have had enough of this town
because memories of you are here
and when i recollect them, i cry a tear
the loneliness of pain
pulls me like a train
down the tracks of life
oh, i cannot live with such strife
i want you so
but i can't let go
i must let go
so i must start to go with the flow
the river cries tears
it calms my fears
i love you so
but i must let you go...

by gina

*hold my hand & cry with me*

[23 Nov 2001|10:27am]

[ mood | emo, duh ]

i feel kinda emo today but tonight i am going to c weezer!! omg i hope they play hash pipe!!!

*hold my hand & cry with me*

i feel so down.. [23 Nov 2001|08:07am]
[ mood | emo ]

i feel totally emo right now. oh woe is me. i think i am gonna go and write some depressing song about my friend in england and listen to dashboard confessional and cry to myself about why i feel this way.........oh well, life will go on....

*hold my hand & cry with me*

some times you feel like a nut [23 Nov 2001|12:14am]

[ mood | listless ]

so i went to the drug store and i bought some more glasses. i think im losing my vision slowly because of them. but perfect vision is overrated dont you think? i felt so cool today. i found out where Matt Pryor lives and i waited over 60 minutes outside singing get up kids songs with my little moog i bought off of ebay. the police came though and took me away. i went home and i got a message from chris carrabba! yes!

chris: "ok, like i know your a big fan, but please, for the love of god, leave me the hell alone. I will not come to your house and sing "For Justin." Dear god, you sceneters buy a record, you think i owe you. I pray for your soul. Oh yeah restaining order is in the mail."

what a nice guy to take time out of his day to say hello. i found this rare moss icon shirt on ebay. evidently they designed their shirts with just a sharpe marker. the best 120.00 ive ever spent. i hope i find a cute oc emo girl to makeout with. i can impress her by playing that carrabba message.

someone told me cup o noodles are the hot thing on the emo scene right now, cause chris was eating them. so now i own like a years supply of cup o noodles. thats all im eating now. maybe now i can deal with the intense inner struggle that is inside of me.

mom:"justin lets go to the country club now."
me:"dammit mom shut up, the cc is not emo enough. i choose to play simon."

*~*i'll cry till i cant see the whites of your eyes*~*

*hold my hand & cry with me*

[22 Nov 2001|01:10pm]

[ mood | kinda emo ]

ok, like this is my 1st entry in here. it's sooo kewl because there r sooo many emo ppl on lj! if any of u read this and want to chat, u should im me.

*hold my hand & cry with me*

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