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okay, so like i went to hot topic today to get myself new black framed nerd glasses, but they ran out! some fake gothic chick grabbed the last one! i went to the clerk who was punk, and i asked him if he had anymore in the back. he said that they did not have anymore nerd glasses because of all the whiney little emo kids who come in looking like me buying them all the time. he said he was being sarcastic, but after i left the store i heard him laugh really loud with his coworker saying, "yeah, that's the emo girl. i scared the piss out of her. the one in the blue sweater vest and black dickies."

i ran to the bathroom and cried. i hate it when people make fun of me just because i look like rachael from the real world 10. they say that i wannabe her, but i sound like someone from the valley. like, i don't know what they mean. i told them i am myself and that they can eat cactus cakes and i hope they choke on a pine needle.

after i got out of the bathroom stall with snot all over my ralph lauren cashmere sweater vest that is supposed to look like i got it at the thrift store, but i did not because it cost me 100 dollars. i like the way thrift store clothes look, but i buy the designer thrift store looking clothes from saks fifth avenue because i do not like thrift stores unless i'm looking for a black velvet skirt or some used converses.

i went to get my hair cut like ashton kutcher from that seventies show at the salon in the mall. the hair dresser said i looked cute for a girl with a boy's haircut.

i'm going to meet jesse and kurt at java joe's today because we are going to see a new local emo band called crying for a girl. i think they rock and i'm in love with them because i already heard one song. the lead singer is hot! i love hot lead singers. i think i want to lose my virginity to the lead singer of kurt's band, desert dreams. his name is jack. he looks like that really hot emo guy in the princess diaries but sort of like chris from dashboard confessional without the tattoos. he's sooo hot. too bad i alredy made out with kurt because now i think we are boyfriend and girlfriend. i don't want a boyfriend because tony dumped me a month ago and i'm sad. i'm sad and i want to lay in bed listening to dashboard confessional all day crying.
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