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some times you feel like a nut

so i went to the drug store and i bought some more glasses. i think im losing my vision slowly because of them. but perfect vision is overrated dont you think? i felt so cool today. i found out where Matt Pryor lives and i waited over 60 minutes outside singing get up kids songs with my little moog i bought off of ebay. the police came though and took me away. i went home and i got a message from chris carrabba! yes!

chris: "ok, like i know your a big fan, but please, for the love of god, leave me the hell alone. I will not come to your house and sing "For Justin." Dear god, you sceneters buy a record, you think i owe you. I pray for your soul. Oh yeah restaining order is in the mail."

what a nice guy to take time out of his day to say hello. i found this rare moss icon shirt on ebay. evidently they designed their shirts with just a sharpe marker. the best 120.00 ive ever spent. i hope i find a cute oc emo girl to makeout with. i can impress her by playing that carrabba message.

someone told me cup o noodles are the hot thing on the emo scene right now, cause chris was eating them. so now i own like a years supply of cup o noodles. thats all im eating now. maybe now i can deal with the intense inner struggle that is inside of me.

mom:"justin lets go to the country club now."
me:"dammit mom shut up, the cc is not emo enough. i choose to play simon."

*~*i'll cry till i cant see the whites of your eyes*~*
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