punched in the face by responsibility. (nottoneedyou) wrote in dreamofabluesky,
punched in the face by responsibility.

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Sparkly stars.

Oh man? Do i get to join this community? Oh I hope I'm emo enough!

But anyways, today i was shopping at the thrift store and this REALLY cute emo boy was shopping in the same aisle as me! OMG! I wanted to talk to him! But I was SOOO scared! But then he saw my Dashboard Confessional pin on my sweater and he started talking to me! OMGOMGOMGOMG! He was SOOOOOOOOO cute!! He was wearing brown old man pants, a tight izod polo shirt and the most adorable nerd glasses. His name was ERIC!! I <3 that name!!!!
But we were like talking for 20 minutes at least!

I forgot to get his number though :*( :*( :*(

When i was done shopping (i got the CUTEST little t-shirt! it says "I need a hug" with a little bear on it!!!) But when I was done shopping, I went home and I put on Dashboard Confessional and I've been crying for hours. That was mine and Eric's band! He's the love of my life and I'll never forget him! :( :( :(
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like OMG i totally love boys who r named eric 2!!!!!!!1